Best Alternatives to Customized T-Shirts

Are you looking for customized clothing? One of the top options is t-shirts. It’s a great choice because you order a custom tee that includes the color, design, style, size, and quantity you want. That said, sometimes you might want another option when selecting a promotional gift, for example. Here are some alternatives:

t shirt triangle

  1. Polo Shirt

This type of shirt is quite similar to a t-shirt, but the collar makes it better for situations when you want to dress a little more formal. That said, many of the same features of customized tees are also available for customized polo shirts.


What’s available? You can still find different styles, colors designs, sizes, etc. In fact, this type of garment is probably the closest type to the t-shirt.


The versatility of the polo shirt is certainly one of the top benefits, which makes it a great promotional item. There are times when you’ll want to dress up a bit but won’t want to wear a formal button-up shirt. You can have the best worlds with a polo shirt: it’s a pullover with a few buttons.


  1. Hooded Sweatshirt

Also known as a “hoodie,” this is a better option than a t-shirt in cold regions where it’s not only cold enough to require long sleeves but also covering your head since that’s where tons of body heat escapes and custom hoodies are very popular these days.


As with other customized articles of clothing, you can find sweatshirts with various options. That includes different styles, colors, and designs. For example, you could include your company’s logo on the front, or pick an original image that you’ve created for the sweatshirt. It’s really up to you to decide how to customize the shirt.


  1. Tank Top

There’s customized sweatshirts for weather that’s colder than t-shirt weather, and tank tops for hot/humid weather when tee-shirts aren’t cool enough. The best feature of tank tops is that they let your body breathe more, so you can stay cool when it’s hot outside.


Like other types of clothing, you can design your tank top to include many of the same features of customized t-shirts and sweatshirts. That includes the style, color, design and other factors. This is also a great option for promotional items like those articles of clothing. They’ll allow you to design the exact type of customized garment you want.


These are some of the top alternatives to customized t-shirts. Which one would you be most likely to select?