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  • 3 Disruptive Technologies that Will Change Business

    Disruptive technologies are those that develop new markets by killing the existing ones. These technologies often force companies to change their business approach; else they go out of the market. Here are three such technologies that will change business.

    The internet of things

    It is a proposed development where everyday objects will have a connection to the network. So, they will be able to send and receive data. These objects have sensors, software and network connectivity. For example, building surveillance systems will be connected to locks and camera systems. So, if someone tries to enter office premises, the manager will be informed immediately using sensors.

    The cloud

    The cloud technology is very popular now. This technology will become more sophisticated. Updates will become easier as the cloud service providers will take care of the maintenance works regarding cloud computing. Cloud computing will be available everywhere. There will be cloud-based phone systems. The security of cloud will be high; so it will become one of the safest ways to store data.

    3D Printing

    It is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The 3D printing will become more advanced. It will change the way businesses make things. The customers will be able to make their products.

    Businesses must be prepared to adapt to these new technologies. These technologies will change the way business operates. So, unless you take the initiative to adapt to these new technologies, you may be left out of the competition.