Learn to Play Music the Easy Way

Even if you have never seen a piano, keyboard or organ, YOU CAN PLAY RIGHT NOW! You don’t have to have any previous musical knowledge. You can be “tone deaf” and still play music. The program is so simple a seven year old child could learn!

It’s like this —When you were a child, did you learn to read and write first, or learn to talk first? Of course you learned to talk, then you learned to read and write what you spoke, heard and understood. It’s the same way with music. We teach you how to PLAY MUSIC, then you learn to read and write music.

YOU CAN DO IT! In years gone by, many good intentioned traditional music teachers would say, “Don’t you play by ear. Just play what the notes say to play.” This discouraged and killed much of the desire and talent within a student to play music. They thought it would take years of drudgery and practice to play music. We live in a time of “do it right now.” Many want to play for their own enjoyment and use. Many may wish to become professional musicians ­like the wedding bands Melbourne. you decide what you want to do with music. You can play for church, school, friends and family or just pure enjoyment!

NOW YOU CAN DO IT! An easy to understand 46 minute DVD or VHS video will follow along with the 140 page instruction manual will show you step-by step how it is done. You can use the DVD without the manual, or the manual without the DVD. It’s so easy. We start you playing with just chords. Next, you will be using chords in the left hand and playing the melody with your right hand. Next, we show you how to invert your chords. And—here we go! You are now playing music!

In fact, the Bubar play-by-ear method is so intuitive that he has taught people how to play the piano over the telephone during radio talk shows!

Play Now is wonderful for young children, homeschool families, seniors and anyone else who has a desire to play music. Music is fun for the whole family! Everyone can learn! Give the gift of music. Play Now!

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  • A 136 page wirebound instruction book featuring over 40 classics for the piano, keyboard or organ!
  • A 46 minute instructional DVD (or VHS) that will help walk you through the entire process and teach you your first song in 3-5 minutes! The video also walks you through a variety of techniques and concepts.
  • You also receive a keyboard chart which will help you make sense of the piano, its keys and their relations. Think of this as your road map for the piano, keyboard or organ!
  • Your choice of our secular/normal edition Play Now Book Set or the Religious Edition Play Now Book Set!
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