Our Show

This show is designed to help people solve their business problems and guide them in various aspects of business. The show is divided into three segments.

Guest Talk

feedback-796135_960_720A renowned guest is invited to the show. He or she speaks about a pre-decided the topic of business. For example, the guest talks about ‘Digital Marketing’ in one show, ‘Leadership’ in another, and so on. The guests talk about their experience based on these topics.


contestThe audiences present at the show participate in a contest. The contest is related to business, for example, developing a business plan, marketing plan, etc. A situation may be given where one audience will need to compete with another who will play the role of a competitor. There are many role playing activities in the contest.

Question and Answer Session

questionsThe audiences will ask questions to the guest. They may ask a general business question or something related to their own business which they are finding it hard to solve. The guest and the host answer their questions as elaborately as possible so that everybody understands.

The show has attracted many young audiences, and they ask lots of interesting questions that has helped the show to be more interesting. We get lots of feedback from the audience and try to improve our show accordingly. Our show is getting popular day by day.

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